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ZED Network is a compliance-friendly solution enabling MTOs to leverage a leading blockchain technology to rapidly scale their business. We provide state of the art Web/ Mobile Apps, a robust back office admin and built-in compliance tools for a comprehensive “remittance in a box” solution.

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ZED Network eliminates dependency on correspondent banks in favor of a global, distributed network of licensed MTOs to create a faster, cheaper, more transparent money transfer network.

The ZED Advantage

We’ve created ZED to give you the tools to take your business to the next level.

Low Cost

ZED Network transactions are deliberately low cost, saving clients up to 75% in fees!


ZED Network connects Money Transfer Operators to partners around the world, providing instant global reach.


It only takes 3 to 5 seconds to settle transactions between MTO partners worldwide.


Every data transfer that occurs with each payment are secure, eliminating traditional reconciliation headaches.


All activities are saved on a verifiable and immutable public distributed ledger.

Complete Solution

All-in-one digital solution for MTOs including web and mobile apps, a robust back office and comprehensive built-in KYC/AML reporting.

P2P Remittance

Facilitating cross-border settlements and remittances is a great use for blockchain-based technologies such as ZED Network.

Corporate Payments

Most corporate payments today are still paper-based. 83.5% of payments (by volume) are still made by check and 50%-60% of businesses receive and pay by checks according to Federal Reserve and The Clearing House Payment Company.

How It Works

Simplified process. Shockingly cheap. Amazingly fast.

Sender initiates the transaction in person or at Sender MTO’s App and pays for the transfer the same way they always do.


Sender MTO buys ZED Tokens with fiat currency (CAD/USD/GBP, etc.) within their ZED Wallet and sends them to Receiver MTO through the Stellar Network.


Receiver MTO collects ZED Tokens in 3 to 5 seconds and converts them to local fiat currency in ZED Wallet before paying the beneficiary Receiver.

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