Modernizing remittance businesses

ZED Network is purpose-built for remittances, enabling instant money transfers across the world using ZED Tokens.


ZED is a compliance-friendly solution enabling MTOs to leverage a leading blockchain technology to rapidly scale their business. We provide MTOs with Web/ Mobile Apps, back office admin and built-in compliance tools at no cost!

For small to medium sized MTOs that can't effectively compete with larger MTOs, ZED offers a robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on a global distributed ledger that reduces remittance costs and transaction friction.

Unlike the current SWIFT system, ZED Network eliminates dependency on banks in favor of a global, distributed network of licensed MTOs to create a faster, cheaper, more transparent money transfer network.


Low Cost

ZED transactions require no mining and are deliberately low cost.


ZED transactions are settled with partners across the globe within seconds.


ZED transactions are saved on a verifiable public blockchain


ZED Network connects Money Transfer Operators to partners around the world, providing instant global reach.

Data Rich

ZED transactions allow for the secure transfer of data with each payment, eliminating traditional reconciliation headache.


ZED is an all-in-one digital solution including Web/Mobile Apps, Back-Office & KYC/AML Reporting.

About Us

ZED Network is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on a distributed blockchain network using ZED cryptocurrency. We are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and target Money Transfer Operators worldwide.


Meet the faces behind the company.

Alan Safahi

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Andre Flores

Product Designer

Product Designer

Product Designer with deep expertise in mobile & web application designs for Fintech and blockchain products.

Chris Seidensticker

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Johns Beharry

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Kian Beyzavi, PhD

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

Matt McGuire

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance Officer

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Our Advisors

The experts in the field.

Aly Madhavji

GlobalDCX Co-Founder, Angel Investor, Blockchain Entrepreneur

Chris Houser

Polymath Co-Founder, Lawyer, Infantry Soldier

Early Boykins III

VC Andra Capital, ICO Advisor, 6+ Years Blockchain Experience

Enzo Villani

Fintech Investor, M&A, Media, Public Relations, Micro-Cap

Garry Clement

Global compliance, AML/CTF expert. 30+ years in law enforcement

George De la Rosa

CEO of Luminus Financial Credit Union

Greg Simon

CEO & Founder Loyyal. Blockchain Advisor

Jim Griffin

Currency, Commodity, Hedging and Investment

Jordan Oxley

Chairman of Via Bank, CEO of Energy Co-invest Global. Jordan has held executive management over a billion dollars in transaction and enterprise value and holds the highest security clearance with the Government of Canada. He regularly negotiates multi-jurisdictional deals and has travelled to fifty countries across five continents.

Michael Terpin

ICO, Blockchain, CoinAgenda, BitAngels, Public Relations

Miko Matsumura

ICO Advisor, Investor, VC LP, Evercoin Exchange Founder

Sunny Ray

Unocoin Cofounder & President, Blockchain Events Organizer, Bitcoin Advisor & Speaker


The strong companies helping make ZED Network a success.


Contact Us

Contact Us


Mailing Address: 112 Elizabeth Street, #5-321 Toronto, ON M5G 1P5