We provide

ZED Network helps you access dozens of payment processors around the world, diversify your payment options, accurately track your data, and receive consolidated reports on-time.

Payment Gateway

Payment Acceptance

Accept bank to bank payments from your clients in 30+ countries in addition to your current payment processors.

Money-In Coverage Map

Global Payments

Pay thousands of recipients in 200+ countries worldwide with just a few clicks.

Data Management Services

Data Monitoring

Use our data monitoring and management service for real- time, error-free data for your existing payment processors (no need to switch processors).

Reporting Service

Receive on-time, consolidated reports from all your current payment processors without wasting your internal resources.

Zero Effort Data

ZED offers you a fully managed data and reporting service that aggregates data from your existing payment processors and provides you customized, error-free reports to ensure that your books are closed accurately and on-time. 


Why ZED?

ZED helps you avoid directly integrating with multiple payment processors, managing different platforms and ingesting non-standardized reporting files.

Additionally, we provide a state of the art, real-time data monitoring and reporting service that will make sure that you are getting consistently good data coming in from all of your current payment processors so that you can close your books in one day!