About Us

ZED is a payment orchestration platform focused on domestic and cross border payment acceptance (collections) and payouts (disbursements).

We help clients avoid directly integrating with multiple payment processors, managing different platforms and ingesting non-standardized reporting files.

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about us

ZED is a payment orchestration platform that helps clients integrate with multiple payment partners, gateways and networks to easily accept payments or make payouts.

The case for a Payment Orchestration Platform

Payment is not just a feature; increasingly it’s the core of every business model. If there’s a business, it’s already involved with payments.

There are increasing number of functionalities, components, and elements making payments more challenging to manage.

Whether you process large cross-border transactions with extended foreign exchange exposure, or regularly scheduled recurring transactions, there is no one size fits all solution to your payments needs.

You can start down the path of building a payments platform on your own but will soon find that there’s no one single gateway, acquirer, wallet, recurring platform, reconciliation engine, compliance API – i.e. magic bullet – to solve this problem. You will also need to build a fairly large team of payments experts to find, integrate an manage dozen of payment partners you will need to cover the world.

Or, you can simply drop ZED into your stack and let us handle the rest.