Payment reconciliation is

Each payment partner has a different terminology, format, cut-off time and reporting mechanism 

Monitoring for missing, inaccurate, incomplete or duplicate data consumes a lot of resources

Why It Matters

  • Your team is too overwhelmed to consider new payment partners which hinders ideal customer experience, prohibits growth and increases costs

  • Resources are wasted tracking down reports from multiple payment processors, making it difficult for your finance team to meet critical month/quarter/year end book close deadlines

Our Solution

Create a Custom Reporting Service to ingest data from your payment processors and transform it to a custom format defined by your finance, engineering and data science teams.

Create a Data Monitoring Service that uses industry leading report monitoring tools to ensure that good data is delivered each and every time so that you can close your books accurately and on-time.

Custom Reporting

ZED reporting service aggregates data from your existing payment processors (or ours if you elect to add them to your platform) and provides you with customized, error-free reports to ensure that your books are closed accurately and on-time.

Data Monitoring

Whether you use our payment processors or bring your own processors (BYOP), ZED will monitor your data 24/7/365 and spot any incomplete, inaccurate, duplicate or missing data before they become bigger issues.

How ZED Data Management Works


ZED will connect with your current payment processors to collect your payment data, store them safely in our secure data vaults and analyze and normalize the data for any inconsistencies.


ZED will monitor all reports for any missing,redundant, incorrect or incomplete data and will proactively contact the payment processor(s) to have the issues fixed before your anticipated close dates.


Whether you use our payment processors or continue using your current processors, ZED will create custom reports to your specific requirements and deliver them via your preferred methods.

ZED Custom Reporting and Data Monitoring services are offered as stand-alone services, apart from our Gateway Services, and do not require you to switch payment processors (we will work with whomever is processing your payments right now).