Frequently Asked Questions

A payment platform that brings together and automates all financial and non-financial systems for a comprehensive and customized FinTech solution
We integrate with payment processors and gateways (like Stripe) or to provide you a single API for all your payment related needs
Clients increasing demand multiple payment options depending on the countries and regions and there is no one size fits all solution to your payments needs
NO. You can certainly use ZED to access domestic payment options such as bank transfers, credit cards, mobile wallets and cash payments.

ZED provides you instant access to multiple payment gateways or processors or redundancy to your existing ones. We also consume data from all your payment processors and transform it to a format you can easily use to reconcile your books accurately and on-time

No. You can certainly keep your existing payment processors and gateways and use ZED platform for reconciliation, compliance, risk management or rewards and loyalty programs
No. You sign agreements directly with our Payment partners if you choose to do so and they will bill you directly

Absolutely. We love all clients but specially small companies (we are a small company, too)!.

No. You just pay for access to our platform and can process as few or as many transactions as you like
Yes, our platform is hosted on AWS with multiple redundancies and failovers. Moreover, our payment partners are typically large, global payment processors, FX companies and MTOs that process billions of dollars per year in volume

No. We do not get involved in the funds flow and thus are not required to be licensed. However, all our payment partners are licensed in their respective jurisdictions

Payment orchestration platform is a new concept and there are not many competitors that do the same things we do
There are no competitors that offer as many payment options in as many countries and currencies as well as non-financial modules (rick management, compliance, rewards and loyalty) as ZED does.
Yes, we take your data security and privacy very seriously and follow the global standards like PCI, SOC, and GDPR to ensure its safety. All of our payment partners are licensed money transmitters or banks with government oversights and audits to ensure that your data is handled and stored safely and securely.

We have simple SaaS cost based on the number of users and integrations. Please see Pricing or, if you don't see what you need, Request Info for a custom quote

It is costly to integrate with and maintain multiple payment gateways and processors, so we charge you based on the actual partner integrations you use (with unlimited transactions). For example if you integrate add a Bank Transfer and a credit card payment option in one country, that would be 2 integrations.

For security reasons and compliance with our payment partner requirements, we need to track and monitor each user at all times, so the more users, the higher the costs
No. We do not have any other fees that we charge our clients. However, each payment partner or module will have its own costs that you can negotiate with those payment partners. If you use your own payment gateway or processors, there are no additional fees, including surcharge fees, charged by ZED