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Payment is not just a feature in today’s complex and rapidly changing $6 Trillion automotive industry, increasingly it’s the core of every business model but there is no one size fits all solution to a dealer’s payments needs.

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Dealerships can start down the path of building a payments platform but will soon find that there’s no one single gateway, acquirer, wallet, recurring platform, reconciliation engine, compliance API – i.e. magic bullet – to solve this problem.


That’s where ZED Payment Orchestration comes in. Through partnerships with Automotive industry software providers, businesses and marketplaces targeting auto dealerships can simply drop ZED into their stack and let us handle the rest.

Our Solution

Payment Type
Use Case
Credit cards
Easy and convenient for the customer
Bank Transfers
Save dealerships money vs. credit card
Cash Payment
Target millions of unbanked/underbanked customers
Target millions of Chinese tourists, students and locals
Gift Cards
Sales awards, test-drive incentives, referall rewards
Acquire new, high end clientele as well as millenials

Please contact us or Request Info to discuss other use cases and solutions specific to your Automotive or aftermarket company