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Media and entertainment is a $700 Billion industry dominated by a handful of global giants utilizing decades old legacy systems that have not kept up with the changing times and the onslaught of upstart competitors.
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At the core of the payment challenges facing the industry is the lack of progress in conversion to digital and the ability for the networks to properly track and invoice clients for digital rights and royalties.

There are a few aggregators around the world that try to fix this by acting as intermediaries between the networks and their smaller clients that lack technology. The aggregators are responsible for the receivables but face a lot of issues of their own with payments (not getting reports on time).


The industry as a whole needs to hit a “refresh” button and start with an end to end payment system with a Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform built in.

Our Solution

ZED is working with DRM companies catering to small, independent producers to create this enhanced payment platform from grounds up. We welcome additional opportunities for “skunkwork” projects with big studios and larger production companies to build a comprehensive payment solution that will once and for all solve the invoicing and payment processing issues inherent in the industry.

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