Shipping, transportation and logistics is a $1.2 Trillion burgeoning industry that is growing rapidly, aided by the current pandemic. In a fast moving world, where everyone expects everything to be delivered the same day, the industry needs to adapt quickly to keep up with the demand. One such change is the need for real time payments.
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While the giant logistics companies are in need of a streamlined payment processing platform that enables them to quickly capture payment data, reconcile accounts and pay their partners accurately and on-time, it is the workers on the bottom of the food chain, i.e. truck drivers, that are suffering the most.

With the threat of autonomous driving creating job losses of hundreds of thousands per year, the remaining drivers also face cash squeeze from the rising fuel costs and automation of the back-office at the brokerages that has created fierce competition.


A typical truck driver, therefore, cannot complete a cross country shipment without the need for cash advance for fuel and travel costs. They turn to factoring companies that charge them 1-3% in order to receive payments faster.

Our Solution

Zed supports same day and real time payments in dozens of countries, thus ensuring that the drivers get the cash they need without paying the hefty fees they can hardly afford.

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